Telma is committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement as a way of enhancing the end-user's experience with our product. As part of this commitment, Telma engineering will occasionally release technical service bulletins. These bulletins contain service information, instructions, or requirements that are intended to help our dealers, repair technicians, and end users insure optimum retarder system performance and reliability.

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Service Bulletins

Document # Revised Products Affected Subject
TL135034 8/16/2013 All No requirement to turn off Telma automatic foot control during slippery conditions
TL135035 02/14/2017 light truck install kits Elimination of Foot Switch for light truck hydraulic brake applications
TL135036 11/15/2019 existing light truck applications Foot Control Upgrade for hydraulic brake light truck applications
TL105096 03/12/2021 All Guidelines to install and adjust the rotary foot switch
TL135037 07/11/2019 All New Control Module TRCM2 Introduction
TL105018 2/8/2023 Axial Retarders Flange Yoke Fastener Torque Specifications for Axial Retarders
TIL05036 3/7/2007 All Heat Shield Guidelines
TIL05052 11/10/1998 Axial Retarders Paulstra to Barry Style Mounts
TL105061 9/27/2017 Axial Retarders Minimum Allowable Distance Between Chassis Components and Axial Retarder
TL105062 12/4/2001 Focal Retarders Minimum Allowable Distance Between Chassis Components and Focal Retarder
TIL05065 8/26/2003 All Driving Against the Retarder
TL105046 02/24/2021 Focal Retarders Drive shaft shortening for Focal on Meritor axles
TIL05072 4/10/2007 AC8 Lip Seal Change for AC8 Retarder
TL105076 07/07/2021 Axial Retarders Replacement Grease Seal Kits for Axial Retarders
TL105077 1/27/2021 Axial Retarders Hub Replacement Assembly for Axial Retarders
TIL05078 4/28/2008 AC51-00 AD50-90 (BB301158) Replaces AC51-00 (CM231158)
TL105079 2/4/2009 AC50-55 Incorrect Coupling Flange Studs in AC50-55 Shipped December 2008 & January 2009
TIL05083 7/1/2009 AD50-90/AD72-00 New AD Connecting Block Position
TIL05086 6/2/2010 AC50-55 CN201154 replaced by CN201155
TL115005 7/14/2003 Focal Retarders Focal Wire Harness Bracket Assembly for TIK00106
TL115006 10/22/2004 Focal Retarders Focal Wire Harness Bracket Assembly for TIK00107
TIL03030 10/10/2005 Focal Retarders Focal Warranty - Stator Damage
TL105091 01/28/2015 All New Telma Foot Switch for Hydraulic Brake Applications
TL105092 04/26/2016 All Periodic Inspections
TL115013 07/11/2013 AC50-55 New AF50-55 retarder
TL115014 04/05/2016 All Procedure to upgrade Ford E Series to rotary foot switch design 2
TL115015 04/05/2016 All Procedure to upgrade Chevrolet G4500 to rotary foot switch design 2
TL115016 06/05/2015 AD50-90 New AF50-90 retarder
TL115017 04/05/2016 All Procedure to upgrade Ford F Series to rotary foot switch design 2
TL115018 03/28/2016 All Procedure to upgrade Navistar to rotary foot switch
TL105093 09/01/2016 All OEM Application Approval Procedure
TL105094 06/27/2018 All J1939 Connection on PACCAR vehicles with green diagnostics connector
TI07_2006 07/25/2006 Axial Axial Air Gap Adjustment
TI06_2006 12/07/2006 Focal Focal Air Gap Adjustment
TI05_2006 07/12/2006 All How to Measure Air Gap
TL106020 01/12/2023 All New Hand Control Switch with Deutsch connector