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Q) How can I identify the model and serial number of my retarder?
A) The following link demonstrates how to identify your retarder.


Identify My Retarder



Q) Where can I find manuals, parts diagrams, and product information related to my retarder?
A) Telma offers a library of technical and service documentation to assist our dealers and end users.  Here you will find technical specifications, spare parts catalogs, installation guidelines and procedures, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair guides.  Click the link below to visit our manuals and guides page, part of the technical support area of this site.


Manuals and Guides



Q)  Where can I download the Telma Desktop Client Software?
A) The Telma Desktop Client Software is available for download at the following link.


Download Now



Q) Where can I buy Telma parts?
A) Telma parts are available at all Telma dealers.  You may also buy parts directly from Telma.  See the parts section of this website for further details.


Q) What is the Air Gap supposed to be on a retarder?
A) The proper air gap depends on the model of the retarder.  The Air Gap is the distance between the moving rotor and the pole shoes (steel pads) on a retarder.  The air gap for your unit can be found in the specifications available in the manuals and guides section of this website.

Q) Why can't I find the grease tube on the TELMA?
A) All the newer TELMA brakes since 1998 have a greaseless permanently sealed bearing construction.