In order to facilitate the integration of its retarders, Telma offers customers an extensive line of control system components. Telma components guarantee perfect equipment compatibility and quality in line with the legendary reliability of its retarders.

The TRCM is a control module with modernized architecture and features such as PC interface for diagnostics and configuration.  The TRCM has the ability to obtain speed signal, throttle position, ABS, and other information by listening to the vehicle CAN bus which can reduce Telma system installation time by eliminating the need to make multiple connections to the chassis.  In addition, the TRCM is capable of receiving analog or digital inputs.  Four digital (on/off) inputs are available that can be used with air brake system pressure switches, Telma hand control switch, or Telma foot control switch.  Also available is an analog (variable voltage) input for use with a pressure transducer installed in the air brake system.   

Relay Box
The relay box is a high strength thermoplastic enclosure that contains four relays mounted on a black plastic chassis. The relay box distributes battery power to the Telma in four stages, and is usually mounted on the frame rail between the batteries and the Telma. The relay box’s design makes it a simple, effective and proven solution.

Dashboard Indicator (Light Bar)
The dashboard indicator light bar is the driver’s main indication of the Telma’s function. This indicator contains four separate LEDs which illuminate as the unit is activated. Each LED corresponds to one of the four stages of the unit.  The LEDs illuminate in succession as the Telma is being activated.