Part Numbers: JZ1007XX-##
Part Name : Telma Shock Mount Set

The Telma shock mount set is installed in Axial retarder (frame mounted) applications. The intent of the shock mounts is to dampen vibrations from the driveline to the chassis rails. Telma supplies four variations of the shock mount set. Each variation has a different rubber hardness factor. The most common version is the 60 shore version which may be used for refuse trucks, fire trucks, etc. To identify the correct shock mount set for your application, see the chart below.

Telma P/N Hardness Application
JZ1007XX-30 30 shore AC50-55
JZ1007XX-45 45 shore AD5, AC5 (except AC50-55)
JZ1007XX-60 60 shore AC6, AC7, AC8, AD6, AD7 (General Use)
JZ1007XX-75 75 shore AC8, AD7 (Heavy offroad use)

Telma kits sold before the year 2000 had a different version of the shock mount. The JC100160 shock mount set had 3 bolts that held each mount in place. The JZ100160 has been replaced by JZ1007XX-60. The bracket to convert to JZ1007XX-60 is TIB05008. Four brackets are required for the conversion.