Part Numbers: JC251100 & JC251101
Part Name : Telma Speed Switch

The Telma speed switch can be used with hand control in some light truck applications to automatically turn off the Telma when the vehicle comes to a stop or the vehicle speed drops below approximately 2 mph. There are two versions of the speed switch. Part number JC251100 is designed for speed signals with output higher than 3.5 volts such as Allison World transmissions. Part number JC251101 is for use when speed signals are less than 3.5 volt output such as magnetic pickup sensors in manual transmissions and Allison AT, MT, HT automatic transmissions.

Document # Description
TIL33001 Procedure for Installating Low Voltage Speed Switches with Electronic Speedometers
TIL34023 Connection Diagram for Telma Universal Electronic Speed Switch
TL101009 User Manual