Part Numbers: TID11057
Part Name : Telma Control Box

The Telma control box contains the same relay card assembly that is inside the Relay Box (P/N: JD331121). Unlike the relay box, the air brake system of the truck may be connected directly to the control box. The Telma pressure transducer (P/N: TIG31065) is contained within the latest control box (TID11057), whereas the previous control boxes contained pressure switches.

Control Boxes TID11009 (with ABS) and TID11008 (without ABS) are no longer available. TID11057 may be used as a replacement for vehicles with the TRCM control system. For vehicles with ABS Interface or Speed Switch, TID11057 may be used only if control system is updated to TRCM. Replacement parts are available to rebuild TID11009 and TID11008 however the control box itself is no longer available. TID11009 is shown below.




Document # Description
TIL05041 TID11009 / TID11008 Control Box Installation
TIL33003 TID11009 / TID11008 Control Box Command Plug Installation
TID11009 TID11009 Control Box Internal Wiring Diagram
TL134058 Air Brakes with TRCM and Control Box TID11057 (J1939)
TL134062 Air Brakes with TRCM and Control Box TID11057 (no CAN)