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Installer Information (Telma Dealer)
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Customer Information
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Telma Product Information
Telma Installed Part Number *Invalid Input  
Telma Installed Serial Number *Invalid Input  
Installed Kit Number *Invalid Input  
Brackets *Invalid Input  


Chassis Information
VIN (last 8) *Invalid Input  
Chassis Make *Invalid Input  
Chassis Model *Invalid Input  
Wheelbase *Invalid Input  
Tire Size *Invalid Input  
GVWR / GCWR *Invalid Input  
Mileage *Invalid Input  
Hours at Installation *Invalid Input  
Suspension *Invalid Input  
Type of Brakes *Invalid Input  
Main Use of Vehicle *Invalid Input  
Application (Transit, Refuse, Bus… etc) *Invalid Input  
Body Installed? *Invalid Input  


Engine Make *Invalid Input  
Engine Model *Invalid Input  
Governed Speed (Max RPM) Invalid Input  
Maximum Horsepower *Invalid Input  
Maximum Torque (LB-FT) *Invalid Input  
Engine Configuration Invalid Input  


Transmission Make *Invalid Input  
Transmission Model *Invalid Input  
Transmission Serial Number *Invalid Input  
# of Forward Gears *Invalid Input  


Driveshaft U-Joint Series *Invalid Input  
Driveshaft Tube Diameter Invalid Input  


Rear Drive Axle
Axle Make *Invalid Input  
Axle Model *Invalid Input  
Axle Ratio *Invalid Input  
Drive Configuration *Invalid Input  
Two-Speed Axle? *Invalid Input  


Electrical System
Alternator Voltage and Amperage Invalid Input  
Number of Batteries and Group Size Invalid Input  


Driveline Angles
Transmission Angle *Invalid Input *Invalid Input
Rear Axle Angle *Invalid Input *Invalid Input
L1 (Driveshaft 1) Angle *Invalid Input *Invalid Input
L2 (Driveshaft 2) Angle Invalid Input Invalid Input
L3 (Driveshaft 3) Angle Invalid Input Invalid Input
L4 (Driveshaft 4) Angle Invalid Input Invalid Input


Chassis Measurements
A *Invalid Input  
E *Invalid Input  
F *Invalid Input  
P1 Invalid Input  
P2 Invalid Input  
P3 Invalid Input  
Dv *Invalid Input  
Hv *Invalid Input  
L1 (Driveshaft 1) Length *Invalid Input  
L2 (Driveshaft 2) Length Invalid Input  
L3 (Driveshaft 3) Length  
L4 (Driveshaft 4) Length  
S1 *Invalid Input  
S2 *Invalid Input  
S3 *Invalid Input  
S4 *Invalid Input  
DD *Invalid Input  
CC *Invalid Input