Unfortunately, brake fade in typical friction brakes is as dangerous as it is inevitable. Caused by hypercycles in the temperature range under normal operating conditions, quickly fading brakes are a surprise that we can all do without. By cooling the pads, Telma eases the natural stresses on your brakes and decreases the likelihood of frequent brake fade perils.

As a completely independent braking system, Telma can provide a back-up if your standard friction brakes fail. The confidence of knowing you're in control is priceless. A Telma system on a municipal work tractor makes perfect sense, it provides much smoother braking in all weather conditions. And because it is frictionless, it's impact is even effective in icy-snow conditions.



Telma fits a wide range of vehicle applications, even in the area of specialty vehicles like this sewer vacuum truck, these vehicles requiring braking assistance based on heavy GVWR, along with high in-town driving where maintaining safety both for driver & surrounding population is key to any private or public fleet's insurance needs.


Street Sweeper

Often times additional braking is needed in specific geographical regions where applications are at their severest duty cycles.


Telma can provide the necessary solutions, where long roads with severe grades push vehicles to their limits, when it comes to maintaining the highest level of environmental & driver safety, Telma is the brand to call on.




Telma is built to last. In the vocational market, trucks are expected to work hard and take a beating, Telma works well with this type application and is independent of the transmission and engine, thus putting no load on either the engine, or the drive train. It is operated electronically so its activation is instantaneous, either via the foot brake or with release of the accelerator, allowing for maximum efficiency without driver attention or interruption, allowing the driver to concentrate on vehicle terrain requirements.