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Some Telma retarder models of the Axial series have been especially designed to best meet the specific requirements of dynamometer integration, such as engine torque measurements or braking capacity tests, or governmental emission test sites. In this area where every application has its own requirements, Telma guides clients in their projects so as to help them define the solutions best for meeting their needs.

Almost all Telma units can be used in a non-vehicle industrial or “dyno” application as a power absorber. Telma has been the power absorber choice of manufacturers and users worldwide for almost 50 years and is indispensable for mobile power absorption applications.

The three main points below which may be different from a vehicle need to be considered.


Depending on the unit, Telma units are available or can be reconfigured for a variety of voltages to accommodate the power supply used. The technical specifications section of our website shows some of the different voltage configurations possible.


In addition to the standard bearings, Telma offers some units with special higher speed bearings for applications that require it.


For industrial applications torque required to absorb, for how long, and at what speed need to be evaluated in detail. To determine the Telma that is best suited for your industrial application an Industrial Questionnaire and Duty Cycle Form must be submitted. These forms can be found on our website.

You can also look through the technical specifications sheets on our website to see some of the industrial configured units that have been created. If we have not already created a custom configuration for your needs we can evaluate your application and create a new configuration.




Two Telma retarders have been proudly achieving their mission above the top floor of the Eiffel Tower since 1983. These invisible workers continuously ensure safety for millions of people who, every day, enter lifts from the second floor to the top of this exceptional structure. Telma retarders were selected for their ability to ensure progressive braking of cabins to a safe stop on the lower level. Telma retarders are also used in numerous funicular trains and cable cars in mountain or urban areas.




Wind Turbine

Telma retarders efficiently support friction systems used for wind turbines emergency brakes. They offer unique economical and environmental advantages.


For mid-size wind turbines, Telma retarders additionally offer an alternate solution to mechanical motor speed control systems. By controlling blade rotation speed, they widen the turbine operating range, which significantly increases productivity.