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The Telma frictionless braking system acts as a completely independent back-up braking system, and remains operational whatever the temperature. And because the system is frictionless, Telma practically eliminates brake fade while virtually never wearing out.
Para-transit routes are high stop-and-go daily functions where driver reactions and ability to provide safe driving techniques to the high volume of people being transported daily is essential.

Stop-and-go driving can quietly destroy your vehicle's friction brakes, causing the vehicle to overshoot a busy intersection. By performing most of the vehicle deceleration before the foundation brakes are even applied, Telma increases the safe stopping ability of your vehicle, and extends the life of your traditional brakes.



School Bus:

Accidents do happen, but at Telma, we feel they can also be prevented. Driver surprise, steep hills, blind spots, sharper than expected curves are just some of the many dangers your vehicles and drivers are probably facing while you read this. Fortunately, Telma can help arm them for the unpredictable world of transportation. A school bus driver with children on-board can rest assured knowing that split-second activation of Telma power can reduce stopping distances by up to 30%.


Minibus and Midibus

Major minibus and midibus manufacturers and body builders install Telma retarders on their vehicles as a standard optional feature. Our line includes numerous models adapted to this particular application that is characterized by the small available space. Minibuses and midibuses equipped with Telma retarders benefit from all advantages the Telma can provide in terms of comfort, safety, savings, and environment.



In line with its purpose of improving road safety, Telma has been a pioneer in the motor home market. Essentially targeting private customers, Telma demonstrates to demanding users the unique benefits of its retarders in terms of safety, especially on mountain roads, as well as a significant reduction in their vehicle brake maintenance costs. When you install a Telma retarder on your vehicle, you can fully enjoy worry-free family traveling.