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As is the case for any emergency vehicle, ambulances must be capable of moving at high speed through dense traffic. Improving safety and comfort for patients and for response teams is crucial for this type of vehicle.


The benefits of Telma retarders in terms of safety and comfort, as well as their economical and environmental advantages, have largely contributed to its success on this type of vehicle.


Fire Trucks

Fire trucks braking systems are placed under extreme stress that results in premature brake wear, resulting in multiple brake repair jobs every year. The sheer weight of fire trucks leaves fire truck braking systems vulnerable, and often dangerous. News around the country everyday includes stories about fire truck braking systems failing, and the results of these failures are never good.


A Telma frictionless braking system acts as a completely independent back-up braking system, and remains operative whatever the temperature. And because the mechanism is frictionless, Telma practically eliminates brake fade while virtually never wearing out.


Rescue Vehicles

Fire and Rescue vehicles have demanding usage, requiring vehicles to be ready in a moments notice, thus reliability is the key to success, Telma works hand in hand for these type of vehicle applications for high stop and go scenarios which are daily occurrences.


Travel speeds are always pushing the legal limit, and require tremendous braking capabilities within a moment’s notice, “how about 120 millisecs”, Telma is the only secondary brake system providing this immediate need, being 100% electrically activated provides for this solution.