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Part Number: CN20####
Specifications : OC442071

Spare Parts

Document # Description
OC443013 AC Spare Parts Catalog
TIL05018 Axial Flange Yoke Specifications
TIL05076 Axial Seal Kits

Maintenance Guides

Document # Description
TL101009 User Manual
TIL03004 Maintenance Chart for Axial Retarders
TIL05030 Axial Grease Procedure
TL105084 Adding Grease to AC Units Without Grease Fitting
TL103042 Seal Replacement Procedure

Troubleshooting and Repair Guides

Document # Description
TIL03005 Amperage Check Procedure
TIL03006 Resistance Check Procedure
TL103033 AC Hub Replacement Procedure

Technical Service Bulletins

Document # Description
TL105086 CN201154 Replaced By CN201155
TIL05036 Telma Heat Shield Guidelines
TIL05052 Paulstra to Barry style mounts
TIL05065 Driving Against The Retarder

Installation Guidelines and Procedures

Document # Description
TIL03022 Universal AC Installation Procedure
TL113005 Ford E350-E450 Cutaway Installation Manual w/ TRCM
TL113009 Chevy 4500 Express Installation Manual - 6.6L Diesel w/ TRCM
TL113010 Chevy 4500 Express Installation Manual - 6.0L Gasoline w/ TRCM
TIL03020 Pre-Installation Measurement Guide
TIL03019 Chassis Measurement Templates
TIL05043 Installation Drawing Policy
TIL05044 Minimum Driveline Lengths
TL105061 Axial Clearance Guidelines
TL103032 Retarder Installation Checklist

Wiring Diagrams and Procedures

Document # Description
TL103024 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - No CAN
TL103037 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - J1939