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Part Number: CN20####
Specifications : OC442071

Spare Parts

Document # Description
OC443013 AC Spare Parts Catalog
TL105018 Axial™ Flange Yoke Specifications
TIL05076 Axial™ Seal Kits

Maintenance Guides

Document # Description
TL101009 User Manual
TIL03004 Maintenance Chart for Axial™ Retarders
TIL05030 Axial™ Grease Procedure
TL105084 Adding Grease to AC Units Without Grease Fitting
TL103042 Seal Replacement Procedure

Troubleshooting and Repair Guides

Document # Description
TIL03005 Amperage Check Procedure
TIL03006 Resistance Check Procedure
TL103033 AC Hub Replacement Procedure

Technical Service Bulletins

Document # Description
TL105086 CN201154 Replaced By CN201155
TIL05036 Telma Heat Shield Guidelines
TIL05052 Paulstra to Barry style mounts
TIL05065 Driving Against The Retarder

Installation Guidelines and Procedures

Document # Description
TIL03022 Universal AC Installation Procedure
TL113005 Ford E350-E450 Cutaway Installation Manual w/ TRCM
TL113009 Chevy 4500 Express Installation Manual - 6.6L Diesel w/ TRCM
TL113010 Chevy 4500 Express Installation Manual - 6.0L Gasoline w/ TRCM
TIL03020 Pre-Installation Measurement Guide
TIL03019 Chassis Measurement Templates
TIL05043 Installation Drawing Policy
TIL05044 Minimum Driveline Lengths
TL105061 Axial™ Clearance Guidelines
TL103032 Retarder Installation Checklist

Wiring Diagrams and Procedures

Document # Description
TL103024 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - No CAN
TL103037 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - J1939