Part Numbers: TIG31062, TIG31063, TIG31064
Part Name : Telma Retarder Control Module (TRCM)

The TRCM is a control module with modernized architecture and features such as PC interface for diagnostics and configuration. The TRCM has the ability to obtain speed signal, throttle position, ABS, and other information by listening to the vehicle CAN bus which can reduce Telma system installation time by eliminating the need to make multiple connections to the chassis. In addition, the TRCM is capable of receiving analog or digital inputs. Four digital (on/off) inputs are available that can be used with air brake system pressure switches, Telma hand control switch, or Telma foot control switch. Also available is an analog (variable voltage) input for use with a pressure transducer installed in the air brake system.


Document # Description
TL105087 TRCM Introduction
TL105088 TRCM Product Profile
TL133006 TRCM OEM Guidelines J1939, J2284
TL105090 TRCM with J1939 and DSC
TL103036 Telma Desktop Client Software Installation Guide
TL103024 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - No CAN
TL103037 Universal Wiring Installation Procedure TRCM - J1939
TL133009 Telma Desktop Client Software User Guide


The Telma Desktop Client Software is required to communicate with the TRCM. The TRCM can be connected to a laptop or desktop using a 9 pin serial port connector. If the computer does not have a serial port, you will need a USB to serial adapter. It is recommended to purchase this adapter directly from Telma to avoid any communication problems. The part number for the Telma USB to serial adapter cable is TIG01027. The latest Telma Desktop Client is version 03.02.05. If you do not have it click on the button below.


TRCM1 Desktop Client Software


TRCM1 Desktop Client Software Google drive


 TRCM2 Desktop Client Software


TRCM2 Desktop Client Software Google Drive


TIG01027 USB to Serial Adapter Driver - Windows XP/7/10 (32 and 64 bit)